A well in the desert.





There is a thirst that never seems to be satisfied.  It is what pushes us and tires us.

It makes us work harder to achieve.  It makes us sick when we cannot be filled.

What are we searching for?  The harder we dig for our treasure the faster we fall in quicksand.

“You must transfer the ownership of all that you are and all that you have to all that He is. That’s what He’s saying.

Your life is no longer your life it is now His life.

Your time is no longer your time it is now His time.

Your possessions are no longer your possessions they are now His possessions.

Your future is no longer your future it is now His future.

Your treasure is no longer your treasure it is now His treasure and you have transferred all that you are and all that you have to all that He is.

That’s what it is to meet His terms of peace.” – Steven Lawson

We are all thirsty.

What were we put here for?

Peace.  Happiness.  Love.  Fulfillment.  Joy.

It is our pursuit.  It’s all you hear in American Culture – fulfillment and status and all the things you need to do or obtain to get it.  Where do we get our daily water from?

You need the clothes.  Not those clothes.  You need to be cultured.  You need to stand up for something.  You are too close minded.  You need this job.  You need this car.  You need to live here.  You need to do this.  You need to look like her.  You need to workout.  You need more money.  You shouldn’t have children.  You need to have children.  You need to be married.  Marriage doesn’t make you happy.  You need to be a stay at home mom.  You need to go to work to take care of your children.  You can’t depend on someone.  You cannot be alone.  You need to race to the top.  You need to slow down.

But, the more we strive are we any happier?




I’ve been thinking lately how far God has brought me.  Nobody who has met me today could understand how I was 4 years ago.  I don’t understand how I lived before either.  Only if you are redeemed can you understand the transformation.

I want to say He is using all of this to mold me into the woman I have yearned and prayed to become.  It’s been a journey and I believe the woman in the beginning of it wouldn’t remotely recognize the one that would stand before her now.  The one now would intimidate her, but be who she dreamed of being.  But, would beat herself up because she would never become her…at least on her own.

But, that’s the lie.

Along with many others that had to be revealed and redeemed…

“You’re not worthy.”
“You’ll never be happy.”
“This season will never end.”
“You need to do XYZ…”
“You’re not good enough.”
“You’re not pretty enough.”
“God is waiting for you to…”
“You’re not praying hard enough…”
“Other people deserve your blessing.”
“You wouldn’t feel this way if you were more faithful.”
“Doubt means you don’t have faith.”

That woman had to shed her skin and masks off.  All of that baggage couldn’t go.  It is too heavy to carry and would either mean having to stay where she was or leaving it all behind.  While there were a lot of memories they only trapped her.




But, then she met grace.

She was made a new creature and walks after the One Who created her in His image.

She has a new identity and a new name.  She has a new heart.  Her heart thirsts for truth and knows where to get replenished and cannot be found anywhere in this world.

There is only one remedy: the living water.

He satisfies in every desert.  He is the water in the desert and He pours Himself down like rain.

Counterfeits will keep you parched and always searching and ending up tired, but His well never runs dry.  His mercy is new every morning and refreshing like morning dew.

He is an endless adventure and seeker of souls.  He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He is the One thing.  He is true love.  He is beautiful. Everlasting. Faithful and true.  He is merciful and forgiving.  He is every mountain peak and every sunrise.  He is every sunset and horizon.  He is the beginning and the end.


He is the well that will never run dry.


Picture frame quote: “Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He is trying to change your heart.”

Hard Love – NeedtoBreathe feat. Lauren Daigle  <—- Youtube Link

“You know the situation can’t be right and all you ever do is fight.
But, there’s a reason that the road is long:
It takes some time to make your courage strong.

……When the wolves come and hunt me down I will face them all and stand my ground.
‘Cause there’s a fire burnin’ in me…
They will see my strength in this Love I found.

Hold on tight a little longer…
What don’t kill ya, makes ya stronger.
Get back up ’cause it’s a hard love.
You can’t change without a fallout.
It’s gonna hurt, but don’t you slow down.
Get back up ’cause it’s a hard love”

Liquid: Photo Challenge

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