I will (not) show you my faith by my works…

“Faith without works is dead” is a very common spoken verse (taken out of context).  If you would like to look it up it’s in the second chapter of James.  (I recommend reading the entire chapter.)

Ever since I had coffee with a friend last week I’ve been anxious … subtle but looking at flesh instead of spiritual.  This weekend I wrote in my journal to purge the thoughts I already have been delivered from and am much better.

People always quote ‘faith without works is dead’ but it isn’t our work.  They don’t go further with the chapter that mentions Abraham whose work was obedience.  He physically walked his son up to kill him, but it wasn’t because he wanted to.  He was being obedient to what HIS Father told him to do but bringing Isaac wasn’t Abraham’s work.  It was trusting God to provide the ram.

“Don’t you want to lay at Jesus feet?”

Laying your life down and letting go of YOUR plans and proclaiming you are content with where you are IS LAYING AT JESUS FEET.  When you finally have peace in your life knowing you are where God has you doesn’t have to make sense to anyone, but you because this has nothing to do with them.  A lot of times people say they want Jesus, but what they want are the things Jesus can give them.  After a certain time passes they change their plans and try to work things out their own way.  Telling them you are content and trust God shatters people’s minds sometimes because they want you to live the life they did.  They may have gotten some concrete results and want you to do the same because whatever they did worked for them.

Meanwhile, God may not be telling you to do that and THAT IS OK.

God is faithful to complete the work in us which is never our work, but His.  Our works are filthy rags.  The only thing we have to do is follow His spirit and be obedient and do what HE says to do … not what others say He says to do.  Can you imagine being Noah building a boat in the desert?  Or Moses walking around a desert for years and years.  Or Elizabeth being old and bearing a child.  Think of the opinions and naysayers then and they didn’t have to worry about social media!

People like to project their lives on you and speak from their own experiences without living YOUR life and understanding what God is doing with you now.  Just because you appear to be still on the outside doesn’t mean a tremendous thing is happening to your heart where nobody can see.  What if you were planted and they are telling you to move and “do something” when your “not doing” is really an act of obedience.

The only way I could’ve gotten anxious is if I took my eyes off Jesus and started looking at circumstances carnally.

“Casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought in obedience to Christ…”


3 thoughts on “I will (not) show you my faith by my works…

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve been struggling lately with where I’m at in my life. I’ve been a “recent graduate” from college for four years and here I sit with no job or one in sight. My husband tells me he’d rather me not work but I could if I wanted. I feel like I should be working. I see the looks on people faces when I tell them I’m not. I have no kids shouldn’t I be working? Where is my ambition? I pray for guidance. I trust in God. I just can’t help but worry.

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    • Julxrp says:

      Considering the time, money and effort that you took into getting your degree, it would be a waste to not use it.
      In Asian countries, specifically India, you often see that families would take so much time to educate a girl, so that she would be able to attract a better suitor. However, once she is married, she will spend most of her time as a housewife; basically a waste of her potential. But the aim of the education wasn’t to give her a career. It was to get her a good suitor.

      I’m not Indian BTW, but I have many Indian friends and some Indian ladies who studied medicine and right now are struggling and wishing that they took time to have careers before they actually got married and have kids.

      Take it like this. You don’t want to live in regrets. Later on in life, you don’t want to think start thinking of “what if?”.. You don’t want to feel that you missed out on an opportunity to do something.
      Once you start having kids, then they become your priority and you will find getting a career after will be even more of a challenge. Let’s be honest, you won’t have much time for any sort of career. Not that it can’t be done, just saying that getting a career going after kids is more difficult than adjusting your existing career to include a successful family life.
      The trick is to not let a career become a priority over God and your husband and family; which is a mistake that many women make at times. Having said that, I have seen many successful women doing remarkably well in having both a career and a family, but it is a challenge and requires some help from your husband and partner as well.

      Start by thinking, do you want a career? Are you happy by just being a housewife? Maybe take on a part time or short term role as a trial and see how you would feel about that?
      And of course, discuss it with your husband and pray for God’s guidance.

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